work hard play harder!

If you asked me what this blog is gonna be about, I’d tell you that I honestly don’t know yet. But I certainly do know what these pages WON’T BE. They are not gonna be another doll company database as we’ve got BJDCOLLECTASY for that. It’s not gonna be chit-chat panel as DoA and local fb groups already got it covered. surely it’s not gonna be BJD knowledge compendium as you may easily ask Uncle Google or Aunt Viki about anything subject related and they’ll gladly fetch you any answer – any at all! – before you can even blink or think…

…I guess these are gonna be my honest feelings, thoughts and opinions on ball jointed dolls. all of them private, so don’t hesitate to disagree and argue with them. With THEM! But never with me as we’re playing in the same team, remember? [wink-wink] Both loving dolls. Both trying to escape – if only for a while – to a better world called Passion or Hobby. Both working hard and playing even harder!

Been living in this world long enough to know this and that about those few things I really care for. I’ll gladly share this knowledge with everybody who’s eager to accept it in exchange for their own experience. It’s good to read something sometimes and it’s even better to write sometimes something, so i dare to hope for some interactions, although i don’t expect any. Come to think of it, i might surprise you with an unexpected guest from time to time, dig into some flameable subject we all hate but must talk about and share few secrets you don’t wanna know, heHEhe… Sounds like fun? In case it doesn’t, i will also hide some juicy coupon codes for my shop here and there, for a little treasure hunting 😉


One thing i know for sure – i want you to meet my dolls. i always feel like i’m not showing them often and well enough, so i’m gonna smuggle them in here whenever i find a free spot in between words – LoL – especially boys as they never get proper attention since i craft for girls mostly.But would i ever dare to start such a crazy endeavour like designing my own website from a scratch by myself, without my beloved Hush watching over the blueprints…? I think i wouldn’t…

Something tells me (and it might be hush), that “A-Z” in the title stands for the series of loose articles on dolls in general but also holding insightful stories that might melt your heart. Yup. Think we’re heading for something like that. Are you with me? You’d better be, ’cause I won’t make it alone. See, being a loner by nature, in the course of the years I kinda understood the necessity of other people in one’s life. it’s such a cliche to say that we need each other, but that’s so f*** damn true! I don’t even dare to go as far as “teamwork makes the dream work” since the only team i’ve ever had and worked with are my two bare hands (LoL), but you know what i mean. With those two bare, blistered hands i desperately hold on to what i believe in and don’t let go…

I guess this blog may be also great occassion (or even excuse) to get to know each other better. Online shopping is cool and it’s great to shop doll clothes together, but to get to the living person behind the keyboard is a totally different thing. So i’m gonna be a litlle bit more Me in here. Letting myself behave in a manner i can’t really allow once i’m in the store, serving you as my customers.’cause the customer deserves best, they say. And i’m not always 100% angel 😛

It’s just that… I can see many people disapearing from this hobby due to the second year of pandemic. And it breaks my heart to find more and more gaps in our tiny world. I’m also kinda scared. I don’t wanna become one of those blank spaces on the map of creativeness. Do you… ???

So maybe both of us need that space – to be who we are – away from our social role-playing games, just to play dolls instead. Honestly, happily, with our inner children surfacing that gooey mud of every-day problems and doubts.I can almost hear our trusting souls clapping theirs hands and cheering for what they love.Yasss! Think i like it in here. it feels like home and i might stay forever. seems like It’s my place to be, my miniature haven you’re invited to be the most beautiful part of, as long as you please my friend. I’m building this joint dream up for us and plan to make it a place both of us will happily escape to from this world’s sorrows. With and for our BJ dolls ♡


If you came this far and happen to be readng these words, maybe you’d be interested in telling me, what would you want to read about? what does your casted in resin heart crave for? Is there Any subject you want me to bring on in this blog? any burning BJD issues? Or maybe you’d rather me just go with the flow and write down whatever my imagination inspires me with? Let’s not be shy – there are many A-Z letters to be filled with words – just contact me to let me know and i’ll surely look into it ♡_♡

© REDRIBBONEDDOLLS Magdalena Adamska