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whenever my red ribboned heart beats

it's echoing in here to let you know

starts 01-01-2023, 00:00 (CET)


ends when the hard times are over…

My Dear Deers! ♡

In 2023 welcomes you 365 days a year 24 hours a day.
Feel free to browse through my goodies, create your Wishlists, register, join the Newsletter          and/or submit the Commission Form anytime you and your beautiful dolls need.

But, please, note that it will be possible to place your order and make your payment
only within few very short periods of time as follows.


13 – 19 February ‘23
15 – 21 May ’23
14 – 20 August ‘23
13 – 19 November ’23

Please, follow my Instagram account @redribboneddolls for detailed personal explanation,  in which I’m revealing heart breaking reasons and how I feel about the life-saving decision of turning my little shop back into preorder system.

Thank you for your kind understanding ♡
With love, Red ♡♡♡


starts 17-09-2022, 00:00 (CEST)

Rainbow Dolly Day

ends 21-09-2022, 24:00 (CEST)

It’s been always one of my biggest dreams to be a vendor during Rainbow Dolly Day in Barcelona (Spain), one of the biggest international doll festivals in Europe. Three years ago this dream was about to come true. I had may stall reserved, and my flight and stay booked. But that was the year the pandemic broke out. I kept on hoping for a long time but those three years changed my situtation drastically and now – when the festival is finally possible do be held – I am no longer able to attend :”-(
Therefore, to be part of it if only this way, I prepared this sweet surprise to all RRD lovers who hoped to meet me and my miniature crafts in person in Barcelona
The rules are simple:
DM me via my official Instagram account @redribboneddolls with a picture of your Rainbow Dolly Day Ticket to get your 50% Coupon Code valid 17 – 21 September 2022 for anything from my shop’s regular offer !
Have a lovely Rainbow Dolly Day ♡♡♡


starts 12-08-2022, 23:00 (CEST)


ends 31-08-2022, 24:00 (CEST)

It came to my attention, that you love RRD goods but hate their prices ;)) Well, the miniatures I craft are branded, high quality and very rare, so they can not be cheap, but I rushed to meet you half way First of all, I’ve permanently cut many of my prices down for you. The change is significant and you can notice it just by browsing goddies in my shop-shop

In addition, till the very end of August I’m granting all my dear Newsletter Subscribers with this exclusive sweet 30% discount coming as a special Coupon Code in your mailing. All you have to do is be my Newsletter Subscriber (or become one before end of August) and apply the received Coupon Code in your Shopping Cart when at least 100 USD is being spent Have fun!


starts 07-07-2022, 00:00 (CEST)

1st Anniversary Summer Event

ends 31-08-2022, 24:00 (CEST)

July is the month of my birthday and also RRD website’s 1st Anniversary. It’s been a year since my Red Ribboned designs found their home in this online atelier of mine, so it’s time to celebrate. Yay! There are some sweet surprises prepared for you to be discovered throughout the Summer, scheduled as follows:

  • 07-07-2022
    – Free Shipping for orders over 100 USD with the coupon code: freeway
    – Free Shipping and 10% OFF orders over 150 USD with the coupon code: firstanni
    * both valid till the very end of August 2022 for anything from RRD’s regular shop offer
      (excluding OOAKs and commissioned items)
  • 09-07-2022
    Mysterious Forgotten Treasure Chest classics re-release! Check the “Shop-Shop” section and follow @redribboneddolls on Instagram to see what’s going on [wink-wink]
  • 13-07-2022
    Owner photos website update – visit the “Wearing RRD” section on this day – to browse through many new amazing owner pictures collected in one place especially for you, ’cause no one wears RRD designs better than your beautiful resin babes [kiss-kiss]
  • 28-07-2022
    Get ready for some sweet new releases during the Golden Premiere!

Please, do keep on coming back to see what’s in store for you. Once again, thank you for supporting me and my little creations in those difficult times. There are only good things in this miniature world of mine.
Hope you have fun discovering it. Luv ya! ♡


starts 26-11-2021, 00:00 (CET)

Black Weekend

ends 28-11-2021, 24:00 (CET)

Sweet promo time for all my Dear Dearests who crave for some RRD blacks to spoil their beautiful dolls. Just visit my online shop within the time period given and use the Coupon Code:


to get 20% discount off anything black from my shop’s regular offer (excluding OOAK and bundled items). This promotion is active only for tree days a year. Have fun!


starts 04-09-2021, 11:00 (CEST)

Rainbow Dolly Day


RedRibbonedDolls proudly confirms to be one of the vendors during on:line edition of Rainbow Dolly Day ♡ The legendary doll festival that originally takes place in sunny Barcelona (Spain), this year is being held virtually on Facebook, free to be accessed and fully enjoyed by visitors from all over the world with just one click in here:

                                                RAINBOW DOLLY DAY ON:LINE

I can’t wait to be part of this event and exhibit my very own works, which has always been my dream. Please, do update your calendars to visit this hive of creation on the 4th of September – as it’s worth it


starts 01-07-2021, 00:00 (CEST)

Grand Opening Event

ends 31-07-2021, 24:00 (CEST)

Join me in this special time to celebrate for whole beautiful month of July the opening of the official RRD online shop and giving home to my miniature designs. Prepare for lots of surprises and fun, including:

  • 100 USD Voucher for First Customer Ever – valid till the very end of XII 2021 for anything from RRD’s regular offer (excluding OOAKs and commissioned items)
  • Grand Surprise Gift – for next 3 orders equal or above 150 USD
  • Sales Hunt – up to 35% OFF for some classic RRD designs
  • Free Worldwide Shipping – for all (!) orders with the Coupon Code: rrdgoodswillfindtheway
  • Hot Premieres of entirely new designs

Can’t wait to see what’s gonna catch your eye and what you will enjoy most. Thank you so much for supporting me along the way. It’s time to give your love back with all of my red ribboned heart! ♡


© REDRIBBONEDDOLLS Magdalena Adamska