you can master only something you
love, believe in

owner ♡ designer ♡ creator

Hello, my name is Magdalena but my friends call me Red ♡ In addition to sewing, i love storytelling and photography. I’m also equestrian at heart and sometimes i draw. Not so long ago i used to think of myself as of a very serious person. I even graduated as Master of Laws. But it was before Summer 2012, when I met Auri – my first BJD ever. I guess this sweet MNF girl has always been lurking in the bottom of my red ribboned heart. If it wasn’t for her, probably I wouldn’t even think about crafting miniatures. Yet here I am managing my own business: designing, executing my patterns and sharing them with you. Red ribbons are little scraps of velvet lingering in my drawers. Where’s creativity involved, there’s a mess. Inspired by the chaos of my room I always crave for perfection to achieve it in the end. Everything in here was designed and crafted by myself with devotion to the original idea,  since you can master  only  something you  love. And I love creating for our beautiful dolls. Even tho the times are hard and broke my many dreams like exhibiting during Rainbow Dolly Day in Barcelona for the very first time, i hold on to what i believe in and live for those who believe in me. come what may, i keep on crafting for you with love, always grateful for that you give that love back  ♡


these few words I keep on saying to my dearest customers all over the world became my life motto. I’m a seamstress, means i express myself through fashion mostly. Doll clothes are my main contribution to the worldwide BJD community, although i also find comfort in doll photography. Whatever i do, i put my  heart and soul in every single detail. My early beginnings in Spring 2014 were all about crocheting that evolved into sewing. throughout the years, i’ve exhibited on Etsy, but it’s been always my biggest wish to establish my own online shop holding my miniature creations. still can’t believe i came this far. Started many years ago – having only few bunches of colourful yarn – and paved my own way in the worldwide BJD community making best friends I’ve ever had and sharing inspirations with most creative artists I’ve ever been privilaged to know, but also making many mistakes i’ve learnt from to become a better person. This wonderful hobby gave a fresh start to the most intriguing journey of my life. i’m most happy and honoured to have you by my side as a companion, my friend! please, just let me keep on adding to your life, as REDRIBBONEDDOLLS is that kind of the tiniest local manufacture that doesn’t exist without your love and support. and for these i am always most thankful.


Throughout the years, thanks to your trust and kindest attention, my tiny RRD brand has made it to became work of my life. The final logotype designed by myself in the strangest year 2021 opens next chapter we’re entering together in this romantic story of a bright seamstress who dreamt of making this world a slightly better place through enjoying the little things. It is my red ribboned heart beating for Ball Jointed Dolls guarded by both – sweet little Red Maiko and her faithful reflection – representing the very origins of our beautiful hobby. Red maikos symbolise BJD’s eastern roots i wanna rely on to grow  strong for you, designing even more and better. Their faces are calm but their silhouettes are attentive – ready to spread love and beauty, empowered with magic of the red ribboned heart they are guarding. What’s most important, there is no black in RRD’s logotype. it’s monochromatic – built with different shades of red only – and bright like myself. so this is me – my heartbeat – the melody of love and passion that is no longer homeless, because it’s finally found its home in here.

come what may i keep on crafting for you with love

© REDRIBBONEDDOLLS Magdalena Adamska