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REDRIBBONEDDOLLS specializes in crafting and offering for sale their own miniature doll clothing and accessories for BJD. What you see is what you get. However, I’m well aware of the fact that these days Ball Jointed Dolls come in so many various shapes and sizes it’s practically impossible to cover them all with the regular offer. Throughout the years, I’ve been asked many times to rescale my patterns for some custom doll sizes. I also happened to “craft blind” for dolls I’ve never seen in person – and succeeded. So if your doll’s looking for a personal tailor, you came to the right place, my friend,  as this gun’s for hire. Please, use the Form I prepared for our convenience and tell me what’s on your mind. Maybe I can help.

RedRibbon Me! Commission Form

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    Please, be aware, that you may be asked to give me some exact doll body measurements at any stage of the crafting process. In that case, I’m always providing you with a detailed pictorial instruction how to measure your doll properly for sewing purposes, but I take no responsibility for any misfits caused by delivering invalid measurements!


    • Use English or Polish language only.
    • Fields marked with a star symbol are required.
    • If you need me to custom-tailor for many (more than one) dolls in different sizes, please, fill in and submit one Form for each doll separately.
    • If you don’t need any tailor-made goodies from regular RRD offer but want me to craft something from a scratch especially for you (e.g. some fancy fantasy set) just write “X” in the required RRD Goodies Section and fill in the Special Requests Section in detail.
    • Although I love many kinds of dolls, as a seamstress I accept commissions for BJD only. Only Ball Jointed Dolls (porcelain, resin or vinyl) are being served in here. Please, keep in mind that any other doll related submissions will be ignored and left without answer.
    • I’m reserving the right to turning down any submission without any reason.
    • Await my response? Don’t forget to check also your Spam folder!
    • Please, kindly notice that filling in and submitting this Form is not binding yet and doesn’t conclude with the obligation of payment. This Form’s purpose is strictly indicative. Further steps and details (including style, materials, processing time, shipping method and pricing) will be discussed and settled individually in the private corespondence following your submission ♡
    • Once all the details of your custom commission are agreed, you can easily purchase it as a special item listed in the “Private Commissions” section of my shop (entry to be found on home page) and safely pay by PayPal.
    • DISCLAIMER NOTICE  ♡  As an independent artisan who lives through her portfolio, I reserve the right to post/share on this site and in social media pictures and/or videos of crafting process including any item I currently am or ever was working on – also those custom ones – without asking your special permission. That refers also to the items finished and/or already shipped to their owners. I also reserve the right to further use in my next projects any ideas and/or inspirations I came up with, while crafting for you.
                                                                    Thank you for your understanding  ♡


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