frequently asked questions

that need your care and attention


YES! My shop is always open for you as I wanna keep it friendly and safe place we all are happy to come back to. Please, visit it often and discover it’s deepest corners diligently, ’cause they might surprise you with their secrets and special offers they hold, like extra coupons or other benefits, including my best BJD know-how. And here’s the first priceless hint: Even tho you’re most welcomed to shop anything anytime, keep an eye on new releases as they may not last long and seek for bundles as they are gonna grant you some great advantages. And if you’re hunting for one of my precious OOAKs, please, stay alert as they tend to sold out before i even manage to list them well. As i’m creating all the time, every now and then i’m gonna update my stock with brand new designs  –  all of them unique or very rare  –  so please, do come back often to check what’s on in my RRD shop not to miss anything.

What about quality? What am I to expect?

Only the best. REDRIBBONEDDOLLS is not just a manufacture. it is work of my life. my only child. I put my heart and soul into every single piece of miniature I make. I’m the person responsible for the design, crafting and quality control so there are no compromises – everything is double checked. I’m very serious about it and determined to deliver my goods the way I’d like to receive them myself. I use only high quality materials (Gütermann threads i.e.) and brand new non-staining fabrics that are imported from all over the world. Most of the time I rely on my Janome sewing machine, yet still many details are being entirely handmade  – with the utmost care. If I don’t like it –  I don’t sell it. It’s as simple as that.

Can those cool dark or colourful fabrics you use stain my dolls?

Let’s be honest, every fabric can stain a doll under some circumstances. even fabrics you consider white may embody traces of pigments or bleaches that resin/vinyl disagrees with. Additional factors like direct sunlight, high temperatures or bad handling also affect the risk of staining. however, as a designer and creator, i give special attention to the high quality of fabrics i choose to craft from, keeping in mind how much we love and value our addition, i always test the fabrics i use risking well being of my own dolls by making them wear prototypes (especially the dark ones) for a long time to make sure materials don’t interact with resin/vinyl. that’s why you may consider my creations relatively safe, yet  still you  must  give some  attention to how you treat them. nothing  special, tho. just a standard BJD vampire routine: avoid sunlight, heat and grease and you’ll be fine ♡

What do you actually sell in this shop? Are these toys?

No, the items I sell in this shop are not toys and under no circumstances should be considered and/or used as such. In fact, they are everything but toys. All the artistic goodies I craft and sell are high quality handmade collectible objects, dedicated for collectible, valuable dolls owned by adults. Just like these dolls, my clothes and accessories for them are often made of materials that are inapropriate and/or even dangerous for children and as such should never be given to children at any age (!!!) I won’t take any responsibility if you do so.


Everything you can find and purchase in this official RRD shop was designed from a scratch by myself. all of My tiny creations are unique or very limited at number, brought to life by my vivid imagination. I don’t use or sneak-peek any patterns that are available around. I measure my dolls and construct the patterns myself using my best know-how. Everything can inspire but – please! – refrain from simply copying my designs. It’s my hard work – time, effort  and  money investment – that makes them special and worth of your attention.


All RRD goodies are high quality individual handmade products. They do not come from a production line in some faceless factory. they are being made by me and me only. even if some minor imperfections are unavoidable due to their handmade nature (which is the beauty of hand crafted items), i’m determined to create every piece as perfect as it is possible. But perfection takes time. so i take mine to deliver something that will last and bring you lots of joy. if the item is “made to order” type of item, usually it takes up to few days to craft it. but sometimes – when the number of orders exceeds my best expectations and work powers – it may take even up to 2-3 weeks to complete them all. however, if the item happens to be “ready made” type of item, means that i’m able to ship it in 1-3 days straight  from my stock. please, also kindly notice that i’m only human. although i’m doing my best, sometimes i get sick, sometimes i need a quality time with my family and sometimes i just wanna lazy around for a while like every normal human being.So please, laid back, realax and wait just a little bit longer. I’m gonna make it worth your waiting and deliver something both of us could be proud of. They say “good things take time”. And that’s true.

© REDRIBBONEDDOLLS Magdalena Adamska