a journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step

even if it's me stepping on the steps of my local post office

Have you ever wondered how big and beautiful is the world we live in? How many roads must cross so that one could reach their destination? How many hands – good, strong, hard working hands – will hold your package before they pass it to you, safe and sound, so that you could cherish my Red Ribboned Heart sent to you hopefully in a Red Ribboned Box with luv?

As some of you know, I live in Poland, in the very heart of Europe ♡ It’s a motherland to Chopin, beautiful nature, delicious food and one of the most talented BJD artists that there are. That’s the place i proudly call home. That’s where RRD goodies are being crafted and shipped from to all around the world. The furthest they’ve made it so far was Chile, Republic Of South Africa and Japan. But my tiny creations are also happily travelling to Australia and Unites States, they often visit Great Britain, gladly sightsee France and adore short trips to Italy. Being good neighbours with Germany and Ukraine we always miss our  friends in Canada. We’re blessed to live in modern world full of chances and possibilities.

So don’t worry about  the delivery. If there’s a road leading to your doorway, Red Ribboned Goodies will find the way  ♡


Unlike some huge faceless companies, i take the utmost care of each and every single order. depending on your location, postal services may differ slightly, but i always choose most reliable shipping providers offering tracking and reasonably fast delivery. in my shop, STANDARD shipping price stands for trackable registered airmail honoured worldwide and delivered usually within 7-21 days (if not deleyed), depending on your location. if you ever feel like in need of any sort of special treatment, please, do kindly let me know as i will gladly check for you some other possibilities like  ems, global express, ups, dhl or fedex. mind though, they all’re gonna be priced much higher than the standard one, of course.

Being a bjd enthusiast and owner myself, i know how it is to wait. this beautiful hobby teaches us patience, patience and once again patience. i feel you, my friend, so i’m always doing  everything i can to make sure you never wait  too long for my tiny rrd creations.

And here’s my thanksgiving surprise for everybody browsing thoroughly this site of mine: free standard shipping coupon code “hittheroadjack” valid till the very last days of 2021.

to me it is a top priority to prepare and ship my tiny creations right on time, so that you won’t wait long. rrd understands and respects your need of getting your goodies as soon as possible. if there are any delays – and let’s be honest, that may happen anytime anywhere – it’s always on transit and/or at customs. should you ever have any hard time bringing your package home, just contact me and i’m gonna do everything to help you from my side as a sender. i’d never leave my dear customers alone with their concerns ♡

There are many kinds of doll attire being offered for sale in RRD online shop, therefore processing time is different for various items. The processing time is always mentioned in the product’s description on the sales page. However, it may actually take longer to physically post the package, as all completed RRD orders are being shipped only on Fridays (or the next working day in case of Holidays). That means, if your order is ready to be shipped on – let’s say – Monday, it still needs to wait till the Friday comes. Apologizing to all the impatient RRD lovers out there, I must explain, that I decided to go for this solution, as I run my tiny manufacture myself and simply can’t afford to spend time on every day trips to the nearest Post Office. It’s not my whim, but the necessity. Thanks to such schedule, I can design and craft more for you. So let’s make every Friday our little RRD festival of joy, we all always look forward to. Thank you for your understanding  ♡


But that’s not all, my dear BJD friends. That’s not all. In addition, every new eco Red Ribboned Box is protected by a special, created on request poly mailer, designed to protect your package even better from all misfortunate weather conditions like rain, snowfall or wind. These make me most proud when I am sending your packages at the Post Office and hope they will provide not only protection, but also lots of joy and pride on your side. Wouldn’t it be lovely to receive such a pretty not-so-little package?  ♡♡♡

Every single day REDRIBBONEDDOLLS is evolving for you in many possible ways, to make your RRD experience even more satisfying and unforgetable. Therefore, now we provide an option to receive your order in a special – eco friendly and thoroughly designed by myself – Red Ribboned Box, that is more sturdy, chic and gives even more uniqe vibe to your RRD goodies arrival. Right now, this option is reserved for OOAK outfits and bulk orders only (150 USD and above or at least 5 bigger items), and triggered automatically if your order meets the required conditions, but in near future I plan to ship all my little creations in boxes like that – all for your convenience and safety of our precious RRD goods till they reach home  ♡

!!! all OOAK outfits and bulk orders (150 USD and above or at least 5 bigger items) are being automatically sent in a special designer eco box and branded poly mailer !!!

As you can see, I may be light-hearted and bright person, but I’m deadly serious when it comes to the quality of the goods I’m crafting and the way they are being delivered to you. In time, I’m gonna work on the standards of my shipping even more, making the better boxes available for everyone. Till that day, I’m gonna be happy with what we’ve already achieved.

♡ if there's a road leading to your doorway red ribboned goods will find the way ♡

© REDRIBBONEDDOLLS Magdalena Adamska