one of a kind

unique treasure only you can have

Most of my little creations available in RRD official store are versatile, repeatable patterns designed for many and loved by many. If you’re lucky enough, you can purchase them occasionally during preorders or from the regular shop offer. However, there’s a very special section in my shop, reserved for very special items. These separately categorized goods are so called OOAK (One of A Kind) items. That term became very popular in artisan community and stands for something that is entirely handmade, unique and irreplaceable work of art.

♡ Early bird catches the worm ♡

Just like a little work of art, an OOAK doll outfit is the most rare gem among others, a real treasure only one can have. It always comes in one and only single piece worldwide, so by purchasing it you make sure no one will ever have something like that but you. Due to this uniquness, you must be vigilant and determined to have a chance to get it – it’s a grab’n’run kind of thing – usually being SOLD OUT or RESERVED before it’s even properly listed. So you must look out for these upcomings and be quick once some appear. If your heart tells you must have it, then buy or reserve it ASAP (whichever option is available), ’cause these babes never last long and even if you begged or offered me some insane pricing, I won’t ever re-create that very special piece you loved but missed. I might create something similar in the future, but it will never be the same – it would be against the guarantee of uniquness I give to all my dear OOAK owners out there, who trusted me ♡

Do not despair. Keep calm and consider it a treasure hunt.

Even though it may sound almost like mission impossible, getting yourself an OOAK outfit of your dreams is not that hard. All you need is some luck, patience and determination. And your wallet’s tacid agreement…

See, every BJD artist must discover their own path. For me, creating first OOAK sets was the real break through when I needed it most. It was the unique BUNNY LINE of fantasy doll outfits that gave this fresh boost to my creativeness and unleashed my imagination, making it run wild and free, resulting with surprising, insanely detailed sets of doll clothing never seen before – unusual and special even to myself ♡ Each different. All challenging. What a great opportunity to try and mix various styles, and release my Passion for Fashion!

OOAK doll outfits are the most rare findings in my shop’s offer. Real jewels in the crown of my designs, they stand out due to their complexity and dedication to detail. There is no compromise when it comes to quality – you know me –  and I consider these babes my beloved ones. The amount of thought, love and attention I give to each and every single OOAK pattern is insane – one of the reasons you don’t see these beauties often as crafting them is extremaly time-consuming. Yet still, I want to keep my prices honest and affordable for you, since there’s no greater joy for me than to see your beautiful dolls wearing my creations. These I made especially special. Every set has got it’s own number given and hand-written Certificate of Authenticity. And you won’t find two same. It’s always One of One guarantee every time you decide to go for my OOAKs…

Commission me if you feel like deserving even more ♡

I was always impressed and driven by amazing OOAK works of seamstress artists as legendary as Ayu&Ana, MeiCoshHouse or Foxesliketea. Their creations are really something to look up to and if you don’t know them yet, you should definitely check them out. My style is much different, of course – I don’t stick to one genre and like to try new things, combining styles and experimenting with different textures – but all the artists mentioned above are my role models in terms of quality and dedication to this beautiful hobby, setting standards of crafting I desire to rise to and follow. Hope my miniature designs will meet your expectations and make you proud of the fact that you chose to trust my artisan skills, like many did before. I believe an OOAK  – as the most private, intimate doll fashion experience –  deserves your kind attention  ♡

In time, I’m willing to develop my own recognizable style and work on even more complex outfits as it brings me lots of joy and satisfaction. There are countless ideas crowding in my head, waiting for their turn to materialize. My mind is always busy and so are my hands. The idea of creating something special, something only one person in the whole world can have, really moves my heart. That vision of uniquness appeals to me as an artisan, makes my hard work even more meaningful and rewarding ♡  No grater motivation than that.

♡ Always grateful to those who already trusted my skills and adopted one of my OOAKs ♡

I don’t know what the future brings. Nobody knows that. Expect unexpected, as I don’t want to limit myself. Anything can inspire, so – honestly – I have no idea where my imagination is gonna take me to. Whether it’s gonna be empire overflowing with laces and ribbons, rainbow fairy tulles or some rubber’n’leather lolly-grunge, one thing I know for sure: I’m gonna squeeze that style like a lemon and make it as juicy as possible for you and your amazing dolls who always deserve best ♡ So please, do keep an eye on my OOAKs ♡

© REDRIBBONEDDOLLS Magdalena Adamska