Even though I’m working hard these days since my hobby became my job, the dolls always come first. Just like you, I am a doll owner and I love! love! love! spending time with my little jointed friends. So I wanna share some memorable moments with you in here. Bright, happy moments frozen in time by my good old Nikon D60 proving you don’t need no fancy gear to enjoy doll photography, just a lil’ bit of imagination. Come, take my hand! Let’s discover my miniature doll worlds the way I see them through the lens of my camera ♡

P.S. Just like yours, my dolls also love to change their attire. That’s why you can see them wearing not only my own brand RRD, but also matching clothes and accessories by various, most talented artists and artisans like: Ayu&Ana, DaleRae, DannyChoo, GentlyBeaded, InsomniaCreatesDolls, KalciaWorkshop, KawkanaStyle, Mio, RubyRedGallery, SMPdoll and many many more, since they go exceptionally well with RedRibbonedDolls ♡ I think experimenting and mixing different kinds of clothing is not only fun but also great way to learn about your dolls’ fashion taste [wink-wink]

© REDRIBBONEDDOLLS Magdalena Adamska